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BRL-K903 imposes requirements on installers of above-ground and underground storage installations for liquid fuels, chemicals and liquid natural gas.

Companies covered by the Activities (Environmental Management) Decree (BARIM) are legally obliged to have their above-ground and underground installations for the storage of chemicals and liquid fuels installed by a BRL-K903-accredited installer. A certified installer must construct the installation according to an approved Risk Assessment & Evaluation before a BRL-K903 certificate can be issued. Tanks, drip trays, appendages, pipes and such like used for the purposes of liquid fuels and chemicals are included in this Risk Assessment & Evaluation.

BRL-K903 imposes general rules on the construction of a standard installation so that the design of the Risk Assessment & Evaluation can in most cases be omitted. The BRL-K903 regulations can be downloaded from KIWA’s website.

An increasing number of clients are making use of Mosman’s expertise in order to refurbish outdated and unsafe chemical storage and dosing systems in compliance with the new statutorily required BRL-K903 regulations. Mosman Installatie- & Kunststoftechniek BV possesses this BRL-K903 certificate.

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